Past Derivative

by Dustin Gamble

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The majority of these songs were written in Portland, Oregon and recorded upon moving to Jackson, Wyoming in November, 2016.


released December 11, 2016

All songs written and performed by Dustin Gamble.




Dustin Gamble Jackson, Wyoming

Dustin Gamble is a musician living in Jackson, Wyoming. These are some of his songs.

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Track Name: Exit Strategies
I'm on the outside looking in,
there are still so many places I've never been.
I only know of what I read,
a myth is told to convince me of what I cannot see.

Now I'm walking blind
searching for my kind.

I watch you speak, still I can't hear.
The truth dissolves as history begins to disappear.

I'm still walking blind
lost inside my mind.
Track Name: Christ, Have You Heard
We were so young and she was my bride.
Safe from corruption and sickness with eyes of a child.
They'd fall at her feet, the legions of man;
Struck by some fictional famine at the wave of her hand.

Dictating law she'd pull from the cards,
Four swords present themselves swiftly but still it's so hard.
Time cannot pass in her circular thoughts;
Restless confusion, she's tangled still in these knots.
Track Name: Show-Me State Blues
When the needle drops and no song is played,
everything must go.
When the ocean stops sending in her waves,
everything must go.

I have tried holding on to everything I thought was right,
But morning greets me here with another sleepless night.

When the page is turned and still no story is told,
everything must go.
When the fields have burned and the work is old,
everything must go.

Still, I have tried holding on to everything I thought was right,
But morning greets me here with another sleepless night.

The truth won't pretend it's not all in my head,
that's just how it is.
I can't believe in something I don't see,
show me how it is.
Track Name: In A Bedroom Made For Two
Hold on to these crooked lines
of a past derived from broken minds.
It fades.

Like a pleasant dream one can't recall,
you feel so big yet live so small.

You play your simple songs to no applause.

In a bedroom made for two
is there room for something new?
If you don't want to be tied
to something you've never tried.
Track Name: To Admit Defeat, or Shaking Hands
I feel like a child again,
afraid of all my friends.

My shaking hands won't give me a break,
all of my loving and pride at stake.

I cave.

There's not a place to rest my head from this cold.
I've achieved nothing and still i am growing old.

But this one's on me.
This one's on me.
Track Name: SK (Bones)
I brush the soil from my face,
I press my body to the road.
If I could find a place, if I could find a home
I wouldn't feel so tired inside these bones.

I place the noose around my neck,
You rest your hands over my eyes.
Shuffle from the step, a crippling goodbye.
Pray that you can find me on the other side.

I hope that you can find me on the other side.
Track Name: Alright, All Right
This could have been something grand,
But you went off and did me wrong and took another's hand.
Life's just too short to be your fool,
I never tried to hold you back or give you any rules.

Still I find myself here all alone
Wondering if you'll ever come back home.
It's alright.

I bought new clothes, cut my beard.
I just wish you'd thought this through before you reappeared.
And I gave you time, gave you space.
You gave me these sober blues and lines that I can trace.

Still it's two times, three or four, maybe five.
You would have thought I'd learned by now that you're not mine.
But I'm alright.
I'll be alright.