Dustin Gamble

by Dustin Gamble

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released August 3, 2008

All songs written and performed by Dustin Gamble.




Dustin Gamble Jackson, Wyoming

Dustin Gamble is a musician living in Jackson, Wyoming. These are some of his songs.

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Track Name: 20/20
Suddenly I don't see eye to eye.
Track Name: I Shouldn't Do This
The melody will play itself to sleep
and I've got a lot of things to lose,
I'm coming home to you.

Give me one good reason why I shouldn't do this.

I can't stand to see myself collapse
but I've got a lot of people waiting,
Still I'm coming home to you

Give me one good reason why I shouldn't do this
Track Name: Your House is Always Home
I cannot settle down
with the weight of that empty word,
it settles down.
I have been severed
into pieces that i'll throw up
on this page.

I broke into that house
with a newspaper torn in half,
it's breaking news.
Your house is always home
so i'll sit on that concrete step
to your left.

I'm just a spoken word,
a question that goes unheard.
I can be fixed
but my age gives me away,
so disregard things I say
under my breath.
Track Name: Play it Cool
Here it goes, Im not sure what to do.
Not certain of what to say so I just bleed on the table for you.

Play it cool, just play it cool.
It's all in your head.

I'm not sure what's easier between
Checking out or going home or calling the police.

Play it cool, just play it cool.
It's all in your head.
Track Name: Stay: Part One
I look good when i'm all alone
'cause you don't know about the blues I own.

I don't want to go but I don't want to stay.
Would you play the game with me if I wanted you to play?

There will be a feeling I become,
my eyes go black and everything is done.

I don't wan't to go but I don't want to stay.
There's nothing you could do to make me feel this way.
Track Name: How to Break the News
I've been down and i've been out
and I've got friends I miss
but I'm still gone another day.
The road is long, the road is hard,
I've nothing more to do but I know
how to break the news to you.

'Cause when I leave this town
baby I'm gonna leave you too.

Speak your mind and speak your heart
but don't you go and throw it all away
just to cause me pain.
Truth is it hurts to be mislead
and all those other boys inside your head
will let you down, I will let you down, too.

'Cause I will go and say
whatever the hell I damn well feel like saying.

Calm down now, control yourself.
The dirt and blood will mix and you'll
know where to carry on when the day is done.
Rest your head, put up your feet.
The good Lord comes to all of those who
tremble at his feet and wash them with their hair.

Please throw down your hair,
a day is gonna come.