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"Recorded in apartment studios and back alleys of Springfield, Missouri in Spring of 2013, Dustin and I chronicle our bouts with madness, isolation, and being hopelessly in love with the Midwest."
- Andrew Reeves


released April 20, 2013

Tracks 1, 2 written by Dustin Gamble
Tracks 5, 6 written by Andrew Reeves




Dustin Gamble Jackson, Wyoming

Dustin Gamble is a musician living in Jackson, Wyoming. These are some of his songs.

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Track Name: When Girls Leave, or How to Drive Blind
whoa oh oh i'll set these bones
if i'm not well when you get home
just disregard our time on that calling card

me oh my, the time is night
to grab your shit and just leave this behind
was i anything, or just something out of a dream

i just want some peace of mind
to see things clear but you left me blind on the interstate
so out of place

oh my god i've lost my mind
just leave me here to my whiskey and wine
they won't run away and that's more than you can say

you oh you can't follow through
you drag me along and ask me what to do
just don't entertain that fuck in the turning lane
Track Name: Easy
after today comes another mistake
a flesh wound or broken bone, whichever i take
what's the difference if they never heal

the sun in your eyes and the moon in your hair
i'm not apathetic but hell, why should i care
they're both the light by which i might see

it's not easy, but god i tried

i can't recall the last time i felt well
maybe last summer, or maybe last fall
i've been drinking, and i'm drinking still
Track Name: Vium: Pt. 2
oh another lover blunder
tie and gag me tear me asunder
lest i need it more than twice
lest i need it every night

i just need the fear to go away

bright and bushy, xenophobic
rosey posey, count the clock ticks
lest i want a little fight
lest i like a little bite

i just need the fear to go away

golly molly may
just get me through the day

i just need the fear to go away